Terrance Gill – Loan Officer Associate

Hello, my name is Terrance Gill. I’m a hard-working father of two who enjoys helping others, sports, camping, and cooking along with a long list of other hobbies.

I attended Western Michigan University and graduated from Homer High School where I played sports and participated in theatre. In a nutshell, I’m a very personable person. I come from a very small town, so I like to enjoy conversation while helping others.

In a world where owning your home can be such a challenge, I want to provide a chance for everyone to have that chance to own a home. A chance to provide, a chance to see themselves happy and the look at their loved one’s face and feel the joy of homeownership. It’s more than the numbers with me. It’s knowing I have a job I love doing. It’s seeing people happy, seeing families comfortable and at ease in their first home, or taking that vacation they didn’t think they could afford. This provides me with the thrill I look for: wanting to be that special someone that does it for their client.

Let me be that special someone who can put joy and happiness in your life while you go out there and continue creating memories.

Phone: 248.490.4124
Fax: 866.299.3190
Email: terranceg@extremeloans.com