Hussein Hogeige – Loan Officer, NMLS #2183262

I hail from the lively city of Dearborn, where I was raised and educated, fostering a strong connection to my community. Fluent in Arabic, I bring cultural sensitivity and language skills to my role in the mortgage industry.

With a career dating back to 2020, I prioritize transparency and accessibility, ensuring clients feel supported every step of the way. My dedication to closing loans is unmatched; I tirelessly pursue solutions and exhaust all options before conceding defeat.

Outside of work, I cherish time spent with my family and find fulfillment in activities like hitting the gym and indulging in my love for cars.

What truly fuels my passion for this industry is the opportunity to empower families to achieve their financial dreams, even in the face of adversity.

Cell Phone: 313.502.4221
Fax: 844.216.8240