Marla Abdulnoor – Sales Manager

NMLS: 1662502
Hi, I’m Marla! I’m a sales manager at Extreme Loans.
I was born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I graduated from West Bloomfield High School in 2014 and attended a community college to continue my education.
Naturally, I get my passion for Detroit sports from my life in West Bloomfield. Any Detroit sport is my favorite sport, and then, of course, there are The New England Patriots.
I have one dog named Milo, a Yorkshire terrier who steals my heart every day.
My favorite things to do are read, write, and travel; they are things I will always love, because each help me challenge myself –something I try to do every day. A passion and mission of mine is to travel to every state and country – it will take a while, but it’s a necessity for me. It’s a huge world, with an endless amount of things to discover – I plan on making those discoveries.
My favorite thing about my team at Extreme Loans is that we really are a family; everyone builds off of and supports one another.
I’ve always been a people person – every job I have ever had has been in the customer service field, working one-on-one with clients. As a loan officer, I closed hundreds of deals, which means I had hundreds of clients – which means I had hundreds of priorities! I put others before myself. That’s why I always say your best interest is my main priority – and doing business with me should be yours!
Phone: 800.249.0080 x106
Fax: 844.216.8240