Rivan Khamo – Loan Officer Associate

Hello! I’m Rivan Khamo, your dedicated Loan Officer Associate from the vibrant Metro Detroit area. Born in picturesque Athens, Greece, my parents came to Michigan when I was younger than 2-years-old. I’ve spent my life in  South East Michigan. My journey from Information Systems at Wayne State to mortgages is driven by a passion for making the process easier with technology and a commitment to make homeownership achievable for everyone.
With over 3 years in the industry, including a majority of that with the country’s largest mortgage lender, I’ve honed my skills in providing swift, efficient service. What sets me apart? My expertise in utilizing the latest technology to simplify your mortgage process, ensuring clear communication, and always being a step ahead in every transaction.
My approach is not just about speed; it’s about making the mortgage experience as seamless and stress-free as possible for you. I work closely with top real estate teams in the state, ensuring you get the best support at every step.
Outside the office, I like to lift weights, go boxing, play some music, and I know a few card tricks for parties. My love for my community drives my mission to bring clarity and education to the home buying process.
Join me in making your dream home a reality with someone who values efficiency, clarity, and community as much as you do. Let’s connect!
Phone: 800.249.0080 x307
Fax: 866.299.3190
Email: RivanK@extremeloans.com