Zack Jabro – Chief Executive Officer

NMLS: 784269
Hello, I’m Zack. I’d like to share a little bit about myself. Firstly, I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 2001. This business has been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember. My ultimate goal is to put clients in a remarkable financial position when receiving or refinancing a home loan.
My first foot in this business was a job as a loan officer at the mortgage-lending company, American Equity Mortgage. At the time, the market had taken a major hit, and interest rates were high. I worked until I mastered my craft anyway. I did very well and accredit this success to hard work and always keeping one goal in mind: save my clients as much money as possible, thus putting them in an improved and excellent financial situation. This idea stayed at the forefront of my mind as I worked to improve my abilities. I made this prospect a reality for my clients, relentlessly. I received multiple “#1 Loan Officer” and many “Cash-Saver” awards.
But as time went on, I wanted more and more to expand my horizons. Eventually, this led me to my job as an Account Executive for EquiFirst, previously a mortgage-lending corporation. I excelled as an Account Executive and was able to find for loan officers many products that would best fit a client’s needs. Then, the loan officers started flocking to me for more – for new deals, for new mortgage options to offer their borrowers. I won five prestigious Account Executive awards and the top award, the Producer Circle Award, at EquiFirst. Truthfully, however, I felt my success in the satisfaction and happiness of everyone I helped.
After three years of being an Account Executive, I again felt my horizons were not broad enough. It was time to expand and run my own mortgage-lending institution. I used my references and built a staff of hardworking loan officers and processors. Since 2006, I have continued to grow my business alongside this ever-growing passion that stays with me. I have a great team full of incredible people, many of which have been with me, out of a deep mutual loyalty, since the very beginning. Our team has become a family and together, we have found great success.
I strive for excellence. As Regional Manager of Extreme Loans, I take pride in working with my amazing staff and making a difference in our clients’ lives every day.
I currently reside with my wife and three beautiful daughters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
Phone: 800.249.0080 x101
Fax: 866.299.3190